Elżbieta Jeżewska
Advisory Board Member
Elżbieta Jeżewska, PhD, Eng., born in 7.07.1978, received Marketing Technician of Advertising degree from post-secondary School of Advertising in Warsaw in 1999. A graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW where she earned her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Wood Technology in 2004. Along with technical studies she continued artistic education on Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts where she received Master of Arts Degree in Conservation of Works of Art as a specialist of Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Polychromed Wood in 2005.
She has been working in Laboratory of Specialized Research and Technical Documentation Techniques of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art Department (Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts) since 2005. From 2007 to 2011 a management committee member, country representative for Poland, of COST Action IE0601 (Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage).
In 2019 she received a doctorate degree in Conservation of Works of Art and her doctoral thesis on „Conservation issues of paintings on plywood supports” was awarded in contest for the best studies, scientific and popularizing works organized by General Conservator of Monuments and Art Conservators Association of Poland– 2019 edition.
Her professional interests focus on microscopic, microchemical and instrumental analysis of different materials used in art, mainly wood, textiles, paper and pigments. Some of the research projects she attended in contained important places, buildings and well known archaeological sites like Deir el-Bahari and Sakkara (Egipt), Vence (France), Old Dongola (Sudan), Maad and Kfar Helda (Lebanon), Novae (Bulgary), Jodhpur (India) and many others located in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Wood and paper structure, their biodegradation as well as physical and chemical properties are subjects of her lectures given to students of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art during the course of their studies. She has scientific publications in the field of analysis and conservation of works of art and two monographs in the field of knowledge about paper and the identification of pigments in works of art.
As a lifelong horse lover and an artist she has always been interested in equine motifs though she loves depicting other animals too. She took part in 4 art exhibitions (2006, 2007, 2020) with her equine art. Illustration and equestrian cartoons have been her focus for a while since important messages can be delivered via them. Her favourite media are watercolor, fountain ink pen and oils.
Her equestrian journey has been supported by teachings received from dressage and 3-day event competitors as well as by education in biomechanics of horse movement. Elżbieta enjoys practicing the art of dressage at home with her two mares.