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Paige LaBella
Co-founder, Board of Directors Secretary, Engineering Director
Paige earned her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1996. As a mechanical engineer, Paige brings a unique perspective to Equine Soundness Foundation. She has worked in the fields of chromatography at Waters Millipore, automotive at General Motors, and energy infrastructure; both private sector and capital projects for Universal Field Services. The skill set she brings includes research and development, design of experiments, measurement system validation, data acquisition, data analysis, product validation and testing, failure analysis, statistical problem solving. In her youth she was a competitor in equitation, hunters and jumpers. After a shift to superbike racing, she returned to horses and became an instructor and trainer. In 2010, she became a student of dressage and equine biomechanics through various educational organizations and applies this to her training and riding instruction.
1-(469) 374-1405
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